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Why is Financial Planning Important?

Maintain a balance between the inflow and outflow of your funds.

Helps you to increase your savings & investments.

Helps you to be prepared for emergency situations.

Improves your quality & standard of living.

How to Start Financial Planning in Canada

What You Will Get

How To Start Your Financial Planning

A practical guide to help  you start your financial planning. It is an easy to follow step by step guide for you to learn financial planning.

A Month of Free Online Course

Get a month full of course on financial planning. You get the whole course delivered through an email directly to your inbox, so that you don't miss it.

Top 10 Investment Options in Canada for 2021

An extensive list of the the Top 10 Investment Options in Canada for 2021. It helps you to choose the investment avenues based on your needs. Be prepared, stay ahead of tough times and even the global  pandemic.

Free Consultation with a Certified Financial Advisor

You can always reach me and get free consultation.
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What My Clients Say

Even sound financial advice needs to be backed with proper social proof. Know more about my financial advice and how it has helped my top clients.

"Satish Kumar is an amazing professional as well as nice human. As financial advisor he always cares about your needs so, I strongly recommend folks to take his best advice and secure your financial future. I wish him all the best!"

Mohd. Idres

Mohammad Idres - Customer Associate

"He is very knowledgeable. He guided me on how to save money, tax and build wealth.  I opened RRSP and TFSA. Thanks to Satish and his wonderful advice."


Subramaniyam - Telecom Engineer

"Satish is a nice guy, he helped us with opening of RRSP and telling its benefits. He knows in and out of RRSP and will guide you the right way. Don't look any further."


Priya Subramanyam - Physiotherapist

"In these uncertain times, I was looking for some kind of insurance policies, fortunately met with Satish Kumar at right time and he guided me in right direction. I would really recommend his expertise."

Vishal Sharma_testimonial

Vishal Sharma - Database Administrator

How to Start Financial Planning in Canada

Don't Miss Out on the Best eBook to Start Your Financial Planning.

2020 had been a chaotic year but it had taught us many important lessons. One among them is the importance of financial stability. Start your financial planning today with our guide book.

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