Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Intelligent Investment cum Savings Vehicle in Canada

Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Registered Retirement Savings plan is a savings cum investment option for people in Canada. Saving in this plan helps you to grow your investment without the burden of tax. This savings augments your income during the retirement period and helps you to lead a healthy, happy and complete life. Even if you have a pension plan, starting to save in RRSP is something that I recommend for everyone.

If there is one thing permanent in this world that is the change. The recent COVID19 situation has only made it clear. Nobody knows what the future holds for us. However, it is prudent to start saving today and have a stable stream of income in the future, than to spend everything in luxury.

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Advantages of Registered Retirement Savings Plan

Registered Retirement Savings Plan is a versatile plan that helps you to maximise your earning of the day and future earnings. Some of the benefits of RRSP are as follows.

  • Helps you to save tax
  • Provides tax refund
  • Ability to Change RRSP as RRIF in the future
  • Finance your education with tax-free withdrawal
  • Withdraw tax-free money for buying your first home

Do Something Today That your Future Self Will Thank You For.

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