Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

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What is Travel Insurance?

Are you planning to travel, to go on a vacation with your family? Yes. Sometimes we feel we want to take a break from our work and go somewhere or anywhere to forget our busy schedule for a few days. We plan a lot for the trip, like where to go, how long we are staying there, the spots to visit there, the selfies we want to take and of course the posture we want to make when we get to that spot.

But, however detailed we might be, we tend to miss out on a few details. Like how is the weather going to be on our destination, or the food or the comfort of our stay. We might turn out to be allergic to some foods or the weather might just bring out the worst cold we’ve had yet and we might have to check into a local hospital! Or what if our baggage gets stolen in our hotel! Not to sound negative here, I’m just saying we need to be more prepared about the emergencies that might arise when we’re out of our country.

This is where travel insurance comes in. Our Government doesn’t cover up individual medical expenses when we are abroad. And for that matter, nor does any government. So, it’s up to you to be prepared with an insurance plan.

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Why You Need Travel Insurance?

The simple reason is that our existing insurance policies don’t pay for our medical bills when we are outside of Canada. Sometimes they don’t even cover our expenses when we are in another province. Our provincial health insurance plans may not cover for foreign hospital simply because the medical procedure may turn out to be costlier than they are here or sometimes they may require immediate cash payment. So, our regular insurance policies don’t take that risk at all. Yeah, I get you, you take the risks, but not the companies.

Some hospitals in other countries might not provide us treatment if we don’t have a proper insurance coverage.

Besides health insurance, travel insurance provides for other covers like baggage insurance, trip cancellation/ interruption coverage and flight accident coverage. So, we can choose the entire package or the medical coverage alone when we apply for one.

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Advantages of Travel Insurance

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  • Travel Insurance covers your medical bills in provinces other than your home province of Canada.
  • It allows your family to travel without worries.
  • Travel insurance covers costs for cancelled flights, missing baggage, etc.
  • It covers death-related expenses.
  • Travel insurance allows you to pay for emergency medical bills when you are away from Canada.

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What You Need to Know About Travel Insurance?

When you apply for a travel insurance policy through our travel agent or insurance broker Scarborough or even our credit card company, you need to read the manuscript thoroughly before you sign it. Here’s a list of stuff to check in the medical policy.

  • Does the policy cover medical evacuation? When you get yo insurance, check if it covers medical evacuation to Canada or the nearest place with appropriate medical care. Also, it should cover the expense of the medical escort to travel with us.
  • Previous medical records: You need to check whether the policy covers pre-existing medical conditions, treatments and the stability periods after our treatments with details printed in them.
  • Repatriation clause: In an unfortunate event of loss of life, the policy must cover your repatriation and return of the remains to Canada.

Also, you need to check for a few more details about the additional coverage the policies offer. Like, does the plan provide continuous coverage for the length of your stay abroad and after your return? Or does it pay your bills or cash advances up front, so you don’t have to pay them? And so on.

On the whole, a good travel insurance plan sets your fears aside and make you to truly enjoy your vacation without worries. You need to make sure you read the documents carefully. Ask your doubts to me.

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What more do you need to decide? Get your travel insurance today.

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