Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Safeguard You & Your Family From Rising Medical Expenses

Get a Health Insurance and Provide for all Medical Expenses of Your Family Members

What is Health Insurance?

Health insurance is an insurance plan that pays for the common medical expenses like hospitalization charges, cost of medicines, cost for therapies and treatments. A health insurance protects you from the huge medical bills incurred by unexpected expenses.

A Supplemental health care and dental insurance plan helps you to pay for other expenses that aren’t covered in the government health insurance plans. It pays for things provincial health care plans don’t cover such as prescription medicine, hospitalization charges, ambulance services and other paramedical treatments.

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Why You Need Health Insurance?

Health insurance safeguards your wealth by protecting you from unexpected medical bills. It covers the cost for a number of treatments that are not usually covered in the provincial health insurance plans. It also helps you to travel to another part of the country without any worry.

Get additional benefits like compensation for hospitalization and for the loss of time and income during such unfortunate events.


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Advantages of Getting a Health Insurance

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  • Health Insurance covers the medical bills of you and your family depending on the plans.
  • It safeguards your wealth by cushioning the medical bills.
  • It covers cost of medicines that you need for your recovery.
  • Ambulance charges and paramedical services are also covered.
  • You can even buy your prescription glasses with the health insurance.
  • Treating your dental illnesses don't cost a bomb as it is also covered in health insurance.
  • You can choose a plan that covers the illnesses that you are likely to suffer from.
  • Finally, you can live a happy life without the worry about medical conditions and medical expenses.
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What more do you need to decide? Get your health insurance today.

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