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As an experienced business consultant and financial advisor, I've helped many organizations & individuals to create wealth. You too can achieve your financial goals.

  • Investment

    Investments can either make or break your future. Choose the best avenues of investment.
    Get expert advice and find where to invest for your expected returns.

  • Insurance Protection

    Calamity can strike anywhere at anytime. Are you prepared to face the worst?
    Find the right insurance that gives maximum coverage and benefits.

  • Business Solution

    Running a business in itself is a challenge. Stop worrying about line of credit, equipment financing. Hire me as a financial advisor & streamline your work.

  • Mortgage

    Buy your home today with easy mortgage options.
    Achieve the dream of owning your home in Canada. Find the best mortgage terms and value for your home.

  • Retirement Strategy

    Retirement should be joyful, without any second thoughts or worries.
    Are you prepared?
    Start planning your retirement and live life without regrets.

  • Estate Planning

    Your wealth should be a blessing for your family, not a burden. Take appropriate steps for it.
    Start your estate planning today with the best financial advisor in Canada.

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Get trained by me and become a certified financial advisor.
You get professional coaching, mentorship and access to all the resources and tools.

About Me

As a financial advisor, I help individuals & families to better understand the fundamentals and principles of finance. I help people to achieve their long & short term financial goals.

Let me guide you to save your hard earned money and make it work for you.

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Financial decisions are hard to make but I'm here to help you. Ask your questions and doubts directly to me through WhatsApp.

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Even sound financial advice needs to be backed with proper social proof. Know more about my financial advice and how it has helped my top clients.

"Satish Kumar is an amazing professional as well as nice human. As financial advisor he always cares about your needs so, I strongly recommend folks to take his best advice and secure your financial future. I wish him all the best!"

Mohd. Idres

Mohammad Idres - Customer Associate

"He is very knowledgeable. He guided me on how to save money, tax and build wealth.  I opened RRSP and TFSA. Thanks to Satish and his wonderful advice."


Subramaniyam - Telecom Engineer

"Satish is a nice guy, he helped us with opening of RRSP and telling its benefits. He knows in and out of RRSP and will guide you the right way. Don't look any further."


Priya Subramanyam - Physiotherapist

"In these uncertain times, I was looking for some kind of insurance policies, fortunately met with Satish Kumar at right time and he guided me in right direction. I would really recommend his expertise."

Vishal Sharma_testimonial

Vishal Sharma - Database Administrator

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Buying Homes in Canada Just Got Easier

By Satish | 31 October 2020

The CoVID 19 has brought the world to a stand-still. With most governments across the world working towards developing a vaccine to save their citizens, the global economy has taken a huge hit in the side-lines. With a slew of measures taken by the central banks of most countries, the people have started to move into the future with their governments’ support. The Canadian government in its part has taken its citizens’ livelihood into serious consideration and yesterday the Bank of Canada gave its recent …

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Why you need to invest

How To Start Financial Planning in Canada

By Satish | 23 October 2020

What is Financial Planning? Financial Planning – Whenever we hear this phrase, our minds immediately jump to retirement benefits or pensions or insurance settlements, doesn’t it? But the world of finance, is so broad and diverse, that it actually offers a variety of services that help us not just in the far future but in our immediate needs and near future expenses. Take Mutual funds for example, you can buy bonds and stocks and they pay out on dividends and interests. For a common person, …

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Importance of RRSP

Why You Should Invest in RRSP Today

By Satish | 17 September 2020

What is RRSP? RRSP or Registered Retirement Savings Plan is an investment vehicle that provides you many benefits. It is a go to investment option that can be used for a number of objectives like saving tax, funding your education or that of your partner’s, funding your first house, etc. The ability to convert RRSP and use it for other purposes makes it a versatile plan that provides growth without compromising on the liquidity for important events. Why You Should Invest in RRSP? 1. Helps …

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